Idol Lash For Eyebrows


You have that power you have the eyelashes of a woman on a man? Big, huge. A woman who blinks is about as sexy can exist on earth … How you say? Your lashes are not as long nor dark? No problem … Here are some exceptional remedies from Idol Lash to have very thick and long lashes without mascara Then, it got to do, if you want to use mascara, get a crazy result. After all, the mascara, exists precisely because of this …. For best results should be applied every night before going to bed, after you’ve cleansed. Focused on the root of the lashes so you’re sure to penetrate better, absorbing all the beneficial properties, use a comb to separate lashes well one another.

What are the secrets to reveal the largest eyes? How are made-up of small eyes? How to give greater intensity to a look? Here are the 5 tips to make it look like your very eyes bigger with this formula named Idol Lash Reviews!

clear pencil inside the eye: The clear pencil, which is white, ivory, beige, pink, helps tremendously to open his eyes. Remember that the dark color is «pit» in volume while the light color the highlights, so it is essential to apply a color that gives air to the eye and not close as it would make the classic black or brown pencil.

Pencil or dark eye shadow under the lower lashes: Although you’ll have to apply a lighter color inside the eye rhyme does not mean you have to banish all dark colors! Rather. To extend the effect of the light pencil, you need to create a shade more or less clear-cut below the rhyme: apply a pencil line until mid-eye, blending it well both to the eye beginning that down; you can also directly apply an eye shadow. This will help you create a shadow that will make your eye look bigger and more sensual.

Eyeliner: The eyeliner when applied in the right way can help a lot. Made a fine line, as thin as you can, all along your eye, with a tail slightly upward. The eyeliner should only serve to emphasize your natural lash line but it does not attract too much attention, so avoid style lines 50s / pin up. If you are a beginner, use a gel eyeliner and follow a tutorial like this one to learn how to apply.

Idol Lash mascara or false eyelashes: eyelashes play a vital role in our eye, and if we can not comb dutifully our whole previously done work could be quite vain. You can apply the tufts of very natural false eyelashes but with assured effect, starting from the center of the eye and going to the outside: about 4 or 5 per eye no longer. This will help to give fullness to lashes and make them be much more present. If you do not like false eyelashes, go for a super volumizing mascara and concentrate on the central comb the lashes and outer eye.

Give three-dimensionality to your eye crease: If your eye is small, do not forget to give three-dimensionality to the crease. You can use the shades of brown, but also more special

colors like purple, fuchsia, green. Looking straight in front of you thoroughly darkened the fold so that the trick is known though not look down. This is crucial to give air to the upper part of the eye that otherwise will always be disproportionate to the bottom.

Tightline and tricks they use all the stars and many of us rather ignore: long and thick eyelashes and big eyes and defined in one go!